Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A vanity number will increase customer retention

Choosing to acquire a 800 vanity numbers can be a great way to help brand your business. A good example is vanity toll free numbers like 800-CONTACT. Each week more and more individuals are utilizing toll vanity numbers to help out customers to identify with their small business or merchandise that they are selling. As a business owner, you too can do this by giving a few thoughts before you are deciding on your vanity number.

So you might be thinking why it is that your small company needs an vanity number. The solution is simple; a step up in customer service. Think about putting yourself in your client's and potential customer's boots. If you happen to be searching online for the right product and are in a period where you need to call someone and then ask questions about which company you will go with, to get a toll free number. The first thing you are going to have to think about is that picking to go with a vanity number will charge you more than from choosing a random toll-free number, but the return will remarkably outweigh the cost. While acquring a vanity number can be a smart business maneuver, there are alternative factors that you should consider before you select one including:

• Simplicity: Be very sure that the vanity phone number that you select is also simple to remember. You don’t want your clients to forget your vanity number. Always remember that your vanity telephone number, it should be convenient and creative.

• Gon’t make it very personal: Except if you are trying to sell yourself as a commodity you shouldn’t be using your name in the vanity toll free number. It is better to save the personal stuff for your auto driver license plate on your vehicle and keep focus to a vanity telephone number for your business.

• Relevancy: Be sure that the vanity phone-number you are choosing is applicable to your business.

• Catchy: There shoudn’t be a point in deciding to have a vanity toll-free number if you are not going to be sure that it is catchy. You should use your creativity and arrive with a telephone number that your clients will remember.
You will have to pay extra for your 800 vanity numbers so you may want to make sure that the phone # you are picking can is the one that consumers will want to call over and over.

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