Monday, November 9, 2009

New technology in office phone systems

When you use the current virtual PBX solution, you get all benefits of an large office phone system without having to pay a lot. Office calls can be transmitted fast and efficiently with your new virtual pbx phone system. With the new system the number of customers can be attracted towards your business in order to meet your high company targets.

PBX phone system takes over your Office phone system and incoming calls are attended to by an auto attended that is included in the system with appropriate salutation messages. This solution can be customized to give you information related to your business, solutions and products. Now having a telephone operator as needed in the conventional Office telephone system I now eliminated with this virtual PBX system. The clients are engaged with menu options like ”dial by directory”, “dial by name” etc in order to direct the calls to the concerned departments or persons. This solution can handle many calls all at once; and based on the callers choices, the calls can be routed without indicating ”busy line” sounds.

Old systems don’t have the unique features that give your people to effectively communicate with your clientele from the road. With new office or business phone solution, the calls can be transmitted directly to the right location. If for any reason, the call has no attendance, the incoming call can leave a voicemail or redirected to another number; and the representative can have access to its transmission from any phone number.
Unlike conventional office phone system, with virtual pbx system you can use extension lines from one simple connection. As well, you can take use of the same business number for telecommunications while you might shift your company location in the near future. The ”call forwarding” feature of this system routes your callers to your supplementary phone numbers including the cell phone number. When there is no answer within the system, the incoming call is will be directed to the answer machine part of the system allowing the callers to leave voicemail messages. Other call management features are provided with virtual PBX phone system such as call conferencing; call waiting, hold music, free faxing, and virtual receptionist etc.

So, you can receive all benefits of an pricey office phone system with virtual PBX phone system and you don’t have to purchase expensive PBX system. All these equipments are tend to at their location by the service providers; the providers will perform needed maintenance services and upgrade it. A hosted server uses fast broadband or telephone connections to offer PBX functions.

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