Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Having a New Office Phone System Is Great For Your Business

When you use a hosted PBX solution, you get all benefits of an fortune 500 office phone system without having to pay a lot. Small Business calls Small Business communications will be tend to at light speed and efficiently with a hosted phx phone system. By using a PBX phone system the number of customers can be attracted towards your business in order to achieve your company targets.

Hosted PBX system takes over your office phone system and your calls are attended by an automatic attended phone solution that is included in the system with the correct salutation messages. This great system can be customized to provide you information about your business, solutions and product offerings. The necessity of a phone operator as needed in your traditional office phone system I now eliminated with this hosted pbx phone system. The callers are engaged with menu options like ”dial by directory”, ”dial by person” etc in order to transmit the calls to the right departments or persons. This great solution will handle multiple customers at once; and by the caller, the calls will be routed without indicating “line busy” tones.

Old systems don’t have thew unique features that will allow your representatives to communicate with valuable clients from the road. With new office or business system, the callers will be routed directly to the marketing/field staff. For any chance that, the call does not get attended to, the call will leave message or routed to another number; and the representative will have access to its messages from any phone number.

Not similar to conventional cheap office phone system, with hosted PBX system you will take use of extension lines from one connection. Further, you can will be able to use the same company number for telecommunications when you might shift your company location in the near future. The redirecting feature of this new system routes your calls that are incoming to your alternate phone number including the cell phone number. If there is no answer within the solution, the call is gets directed to the answer machine system that allows the callers to leave a message. other call management features are enhanced with hosted PBX phone system such as call conferencing; call waiting, music on hold, free faxing, and virtual receptionist etc.

Thus, you will access all the benefits of an high cost office phone system with VoIP PBX phone system and you need not buy high priced PBX system. All these equipments are maintained at their various sites by the providers; the providers will also make needed maintenance services as well as upgrade it. A online server uses high speed internet or telephone connections to offer PBX functions.

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