Monday, September 21, 2009

Fax From Computer & Save Paper

When the internet was first introduced, it held many vast possibilities. No one really knew back then how it would change the world or make our lives easier. There are many new possibilities for many different sectors in business. The sector that happens to reap the most benefit has been the online commerce sector. A lot of new markets were open for many type of business. Online business only and brick-and-mortor businesses who wanted to create an online presence. One of the most convenient benefits has been the introduction of fax over internet providers. It has made sending faxes easier and it let people communicate quicker. No more getting busy signals and wasting money on buying paper. It has decreased office clutter and made archiving documents easier.

Using fax from computer services can help you save time and money. It can lower overhead costs because you are saving money on ink, toner, paper and getting rid of a dedicated phone line that was used for your old fax machine. With fax from computer providers, your fax document gets converted into a digital file. It gets encrypted when it is sent and it gets re-encrypted when it is received. It is very safe because of this, it it gets intercepted; it can’t be read without knowing the encryption code.

Fax from computer providers store your faxes up to a year. So if you lose your fax or need to retrieve it, you can find it with just a click of a button. How convenient is that? We have benefited from this technology and it can be treated with a real breath of fresh air for our offices that are very dependent on faxing.

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